Things to Remember

Our rules

Things you need to know now about the images/videos required:

  • They must be taken of a garden/allotment/houseplant/window box in Winterton.

  • They may be taken at any time of the year.

  • They may show your favourite view (part of the garden, a close-up of a favourite plant or an aspect of wildlife in the garden) or anything which sparks your interest and gives you joy.

  • Short videos (ideally no more than 60 seconds) might show a walk in your garden or you carrying out gardening tasks.

  • Other ideas are possible such as before and after photos showing changes you have made to the garden or time-lapse images showing a blossom opening.

  • If possible add a short sentence or two to indicate what is special/joyful about each image/video.

  • You are invited to submit images/videos. Please upload images/photos to before July 14th. Click login on the top menu bar then select register. This is also the link to send to those who wish to see the final show’ over the weekend 18-19 July.

  • All Saints retains editorial control of which images are placed on its websites.
  • Contact all your family and friends and ask them to view the site on 18-19 July. Explain that they will be encouraged to offer online donations to All Saints at Winterton as the real Open Gardens event had to be cancelled.

  • Please check this page for any amendments yet to be made to these details.