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Winterton Open Gardens


  1. Joan ROSS

    Absolutely beautiful! I used to visit Winterton and physically see the gardens…always a pleasure. These photos show how much work has still gone into the various gardens at this difficult time . I look forward to visiting again when this is over.

  2. Ida Liversidge

    Must make a comment on seeing Rolly the cat that Harry took of Rolly , it happened to be the day before he died. But many happy memories,and lovely to see him in his usual spot during this last year.

    • Jane Robinson

      So lovely to see Roly Ida. He was a beautiful boy wasn’t he?
      I know you’ll miss him very much, but what a wonderful life he had with you and Derek, and that beautiful garden..much love..Jane Xx

  3. Jenny Cressey

    Well done Robin for putting together such a wonderful display of photographs which was a very pleasant hour on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you to everyone for submitting an assortment of pictures – some gardens recognised and others not. Thank you.

    • Ida Liversidge

      Well done, just what I needed to encourage me for next year. Hope the lovely gardens will open when we have our unusual open garden event. Well done Robin and Graham for all the work you have put in.

  4. Alice Nunn

    Some wonderful pictures of beautiful gardens, some known to me, others not. I love Barbara’s little mouse visitor, not easy to capture. Also Ida’s wasps, pears sacrificed to a good cause, an unusual take on a garden. I am impressed by the great variety, from exotic to classic English country gardens.

  5. Grahame

    We have had an excellent selection of photographs submitted for our first virtual open gardens.
    Thank you all for taking time to register and upload photographs of your gardens.

    Please feel free to add comments on our Winterton gardens, and / or our website.

    You can leave messages here or contact us via email:

    Don’t forget all as we are not selling tickets this year to Winterton Open Gardens, we must rely on donations, all of which will go to support All Saints’ Church Winterton.

    Thank you.

    • Louise Pringle

      I loved the variety of photos, especially the close-ups of single flowers – and butterflies. The gardens are gorgeous and must be such a delightful haven for the hard-working gardeners! Be proud, gardeners of Winterton.


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